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Justice Richardson aka SuperStar was born in Fulton Co. Ga. on July 24, 1987, and now resides in Greenville SC. Justice has always had a love for music. He played drums in church in his childhood years and started to develop a sense of lyricism. While in college, Justice realized he lost his interest with school and basketball. But the love for music kept growing, growing to the point where his life started to predicate the music he would write later in his life. Not long after leaving school he had a dream of rapping amongst thousands of people. Music had now become a passion that he had starved for so long. SuperStar creates music in the Genres of Rap/Hip Hop, Inspirational, and some R&B. As most would say, his sound is like up north lyricist with a flow that leaves you with memories of his life experiences. SuperStar’s biggest influencers in the music business are Jay Z, Notorious Biggie Smalls, LeCrae, and Kanye West.
In 2009, SuperStar released his first project titled Unleashed. In 2011 he released his first album Cadillac Music on physical CD’s. Three years later in 2014 he released the follow up CD entitled CM2:Between The Church & The Streets. After years of putting all the knowledge he learned about the music business into perspective, he was ready to take control of his career. Even though he was just starting his career, he had seen a lot in the music industry, the good the bad and the ugly. Seeing these things allowed him to structure and build moralistic goals about what and who he would be in the music industry. His single #JWWM(Jesus Walk With Me) released in 2017 created an avenue for SuperStar to share his gifting with the world. As an artist SuperStar created P.O.E.M., A20 (Product of Environment Mine Adapt to Overcome) which officially became a record label as of March 2019. In May 2020 he started his publishing company under the same name.
In addition to a recording artist, Justice serves as an assistant pastor at his church. He is also active in his community and mentors with Freedom Fighters Upstate in Greenville, SC. With his music as a reflection, Justice believes in justice in the areas of political, social, and economic. His biggest influences are God & life experiences. Justice always has a mindset to be ready for whatever. He believes “Life is what it is, it will be what it will be, my faith is in someone greater than me.” And these are the words that he lives by and has fashioned his career around.


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